I’m afraid I haven’t had much time for crochetlola recently as we have recently had a new addition to the family! At only 3 months old I haven’t really had much time for any of my own creative projects. however we have had lots of fun with messy play.

Custard,  jelly and angel delight baths aside we have also had a lot of fun with hand, foot painting and salt dough!

The point of messy play is to help a baby start to explore the world around them. Improve cognitive development, self confidence, fine motor skills and communication and language development.

I have also been making some toys to help my little one explore the world… I got the idea from the blog the imagination tree and decided to make some discovery bottles. These were really fun to make and made with stuff I had around the house.



unnamedThis bottle contains tin foil balls, dried rosemary, sea salt and chilli flakes. I added the herbs for colour and shape and the noise it makes is a gentle rattling sound.

unnamed (4)

This one was made with green poster paint and bubble bath. Every time it is shaken it produces bubbles

unnamed (2)

For this one I used orange poster paint and olive oil. The oil separates giving it really interesting effect while teaching about liquid density.

unnamed (6)

For this bigger bottle I used dried pasta, chilli flakes, dried basil and some buttons. The sound is a very loud booming rattle!


unnamed (1)

For this I used an old cocoa tub and put different textured and coloured ribbons in the inside poking through holes on either side. They are knotted at different lengths teaching cause and effect. each time one side is pulled the other side must  draw back into the tub.

I did think about covering the tub with some pretty paper but my little one seems very attracted to the colour red so I figured to a baby that is a pretty pattern. I would also just like to say that all lids are tightly sealed with strong glue on the inside making them safe and unopenable.

The other thing I have been creating for her is a treasure basket. I first discovered these at baby peep. An early education class held at the local sure start children’s centre.

You can find more out about them here treasure baskets.  There is also more information about them on the imagination tree website I linked to above.

unnamed (5)

For her first basket at home I decided to rummage through the house and find some bright and different textured objects. I chose … a black fan with a bright painting on, a crochet doily, a multicoloured crochet burp blanket, a  flannel, some chevron fabric, some cotton fabric, a dry rough sponge and card of two different textures.  I chose these items as baby is still to young to clasp large objects and toys but has a fascination with fabrics… constantly licking any clothes or blankets that she is near.

Once every few days I will prop her up near the basket and let her explore the items by herself (this normally involves licking and sucking them) then in a week or two I will change the items to a different theme… such as all natural… all black and white… all silver.


all proof that a baby does not need expensive toys or educational dvds to help them learn and enjoy themselves.

does anyone else have any suggestions for DIY baby toys or even messy play ideas? if so comment below.

I will leave you now with a photo of the cutest baby booties ever 10524725_10152668173839901_2949873302890707532_n

Why are these not in my size!


garden photobomb

I was recently given some plants for my garden to go with the wild flowers and bulbs that seem to be growing quite well now. My potted plants really didn’t grow so I planted a few in them as well. The garden looks very pretty now which I am really glad about as summer is here and as I am ready to pop at any point now I don’t really want to be doing too much in the garden. That is also why the photos are a bit odd and not that great as it is very hard to take photos of something on the floor when you are 9 mouths! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

granny squares for granny!

In a few weeks we are expecting a new member of the Crochetlola household, and today I had a lovely visit from my Nan. My Nan is a fantastic knitter and I have fond memory’s of her knitting most of my clothes when I was a child. She would sew me my Halloween costumes (even winning a competition for my skeleton costume one year) and knit me quirky jumpers… Even now I have two jumpers she has knitted me!

Now she has a new model for her knitting on the way she has been busy knitting away for a few mouths. The results are simply beautiful!!!  She has so far made…. 13 matinee cardigans and 21 cardigans! That’s crazy! It would take me forever to do that!  They are really beautiful I obviously couldn’t photograph them all so I thought I would show you some of my favourites. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We don’t know if the new member of the house is a boy or a girl so the cardigans are unisex… Although I think judging by some of the cardigans my Nan couldn’t resist making a few pink and blue ones!  (sorry the photo is not very clear we are having horrible weather today!)

Another thing she brought with her was some beautiful crochet blankets made my some friends of  hers. They are realy cute and have some really different patterns going on that really give the blankets some 3d texture. A very good idea for a baby.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  One had a Label in where the lady has her own company if you would like to order one. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Since my nan has obviously spent a really long time knitting I thought it was only fair to do a swap and make her something special. I decided to make her a shawl as the weather is heating up it would be nice to have something to wrap around her at night if sat in the garden.  I found a Granny square  shawl pattern I really liked on ravelry and had some mohair wool that I had from some scarf’s I made a while ago and didn’t sell so I decided to unpick them and make my nan a shawl.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The final result is lovely and thick and will certainly keep her warm at a BBQ! I’m just hoping we just get the weather!

Lastly I thought I would show you a photo of my flower bed… its been growing quite a lot lately! hopefully it will be full of beautiful flowers soon! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


I knitted a hat!


A while ago I mentioned that I was making my husband a hat for the winter but was struggling with my knitting… Well obviously now that its summer and far to warm for a wool hat I have actually finished! typical!

The pattern I used was from Yarnspirations and can be found here 

This is a very simple pattern and I found it very easy to read.I would highly recommend it as a pattern for beginners. I struggled because I am not really very experienced or confident yet with my knitting,  I found it really hard to get the counting right. I had to unpick it a number of times. There were a lot of times I wanted to give up with this hat, however I am really glad I didn’t because I feel very proud. This is the first real piece of knitting I have ever done and there are a lot of mistakes on it if you look closer. However it helped me look at what I need to improve on. I think the problem with knitting is that I have to use a lot more concentration then with crochet. I still have a lot to learn however I do feel after making this more confident to move onto another knitted item! Perhaps something for myself next time he he!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

garden WIP

We recently moved into a terraced house. I have always wanted a nice garden to sit out in when the sun shines however our terraced only comes with a concrete yard. I have been planting a few pot plants and wild flowers in a raised bed which I am still waiting to bloom. However I wanted to make the garden look a bit more us! I have a few things ordered that are yet to arrive… some lights and table and BBQ etc however I wanted to make something unique that would brighten up the concrete yard.

I decided on some crochet flowers. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey are placed at the end of the garden against the high fence. This is where  plan to put the BBQ and table.  I didn’t use a pattern for the flowers I just made them using freestyle crochet. Something tells me its a pattern I have previously memorised from somewhere, but I have no idea if I have or not! I used acrylic wool so they should hold up against the weather.

This is really just a work in progress at the minute. Slowly adding stuff to the yard to beautify it! I cant wait to share photos when its looking more like a garden! When the flowers have bloomed and we have all the furniture and lights etc.


Earth hour… how did you spend yours?


It was earth hour at 8.30pm last Saturday and so we plunged ourselves into darkness for the event!

We played the Zombies!!! board game. you can find it here. Hence why we have a scared look on our faces! It was early fun!

I also baked some banana bread to eat while we played however I am still getting used to the new oven and I managed to leave it on grill for an hour rather then baking it! Meaning that during earth hour I had to leave the oven on while I tried to rescue any part of banana loaf left unburned! oh well!!! the thought was there!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Totoro has been in the garden!

Something tells me that Totoro has visited the garden! We suddenly have quite a few plants growing!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough something tells me some birds have been picking them out!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For anyone that hasn’t seen Totoro and thinks I am slowly loosing it perhaps this will help explain my theory!

He was back in his place when I woke up this morning though!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


In other news I have been trying to get some knitting done. I really struggle with knitting it seems to really take concentration that crochet doesn’t. I often get myself confused as I have a very short attention span. So this has been a real struggle! I decided I wanted to make my husband a hat for a Christmas present….. some time later and I am still nowhere near finished it but I have really made some progress what do you think?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I will do a more detailed blog update when its finished (this may be some time)

In the meantime I hope you all enjoy the sun this weekend!  I will leave you with this photo taken when I visited my husband at work for lunch… I may never sleep again!1534356_10152338121304901_1330232142_n

It is the costume from Peter Rottentail apparently! I have never seen this film but this costume is freaky! It was acquired from the London Film Museum along with some other bits that I’m sure I will get to share with you soon!


I had a brilliantly nerdy day today! The Cinema my husband works  in  (The Ritz Cinema in lincoln) today hosted an event with the boys from Red Dwarf!

It was amazing! So much fun and the boys are so lovely! The day before my hubby had the amazing pleasure of meeting Robert Llewellyn, who came into the cinema the night before and signed some of the amazing work my hubby had made for the event. kryton

Today.. the big day itself the whole team came in! We watched old episodes and had a Q&A with the boys. This is a photo of myself and my friend who got dressed up for the event! Her costume is really cool!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am  not quite sure what we found so funny in this photo!10001303_10203008645169996_989903131_nThis is a lovely photo of my hubby with all the guys!

The Photos we took inside the event didn’t quite come out very well, however thankfully the lovely Connie Doull of Connie Doull Photography took some wonderful photos of the day which she has kindly allowed me to share Red Dwarf 1891076_436046956499090_1784268737_n 1897857_436038513166601_1886591259_n 10003017_436046969832422_1918571046_n 397509_436038673166585_1676948672_n 1959308_436046803165772_617737404_n

You can view the whole set of photos here there are some lovely ones of the cast in the dressing room chatting to each other.

A lot of work went into this event and with most of the staff being volunteers I think the whole team deserve a big pat on the back for working so hard to host such a wonderful fundraising event!

If you would like some more info on the Cinema and upcoming events and merchandise you can get this info here or follow them on facebook here. The department my hubby work in has its own facebook page now here, this will update you to all the latest creative projects coming from the Picture Paradise workshop.

New Beginnings

flowersWe have finally been able to move! Yay! It feels so good to finally be settled in our new house! Unfortunately we didn’t have the internet for 3 weeks! So crochetlola had to take a back seat. However this did give me time to get stuff sorted in the house. Now everything is unpacked I feel so relaxed… With the exception of the fact I decided the other day to swap the cutlery to a different draw and that’s really messing with my head lol! I keep getting myself really confused!

I haven’t been able to get much crochet done over the past few weeks as I have been trying to get the house sorted, but now I’m settled I am excited to start brainstorming ideas again! In the mean time I can show you some photos of some really beautiful flowers I recently received. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese where a present from my hubby for our anniversary. They match the ones I had in my wedding bouquet. They are so lovely! The tulips are a present from my in-laws. there’s something really lovely about fresh flowers.

I did some gardening as well but so far not much as grown. My pots are inside at the moment while I wait for them to grow and for the weather to heat up a bit. shouldn’t be to long before I can put them outside hopefully! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATiny plants sprouting! I wish I had labelled the pots because I cant remember what I planted in what!  I also planted some wild-flowers and gyp in the raised bed in the garden but at the moment it just looks like a pile of dirt. plus it also looks like a cat has been in the garden and dug up the gyp.

little monster

I was supposed to be moving house a few weeks ago however things fell through…. Annoying! It left me with two weeks off work and not a lot to do but also in a very bad mood!

What did I do with myself for two weeks you may ask… Well… I purved on Tom Hiddleston via pintrest… Watched a ridiculous amount of call the midwife on netflix which btw has some amazing crochet moments in! And I also made a few little baby things.

A while ago my hubby bought me the book Crochet at Play by Kat Goldin. It is full of super cute children’s ideas and there is so much I want to make. I thought I would start with a cute pair of monster booties. I altered the pattern slightly as I got a bit lost it (this happens) and I also didn’t want to use elastic. but I think they look super cute. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I actually think I might make some more in different colours!

Sometimes with crochet if you are not in the mood it can be quite hard to get into a project, I felt that a bit while I was on holiday probably because I do so much of it and was in a bit of a strop! I decided to do a bit of knitting instead and this felt very relaxing! sometimes I think you just need to do something a bit different.

I got this pattern from The big book of Knitting. I only wanted a small project to get myself back into knitting. I also just wanted to use the old baby wool I had lying around so it’s a bit of an odd colour for a sheep! it looks a bit odd I will admit! It is supposed to be a sheep but I have never knitted anything 3d before. I really enjoyed making this though and so am going to try to do some more knitting for a while.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I used Baby wool for the knitting and stuffed it with an old t-shirt so that it was extra baby friendly as I know baby’s like to put everything they can find in their mouths.

I am hoping to move soon so will keep you posted… watch this space!!!